MCM Maturity Index

2017 saw a huge disruption in marketing functions. Marketing by now has become very data driven and technology oriented. There is an increased focus of customer experience with communication being personalized, contextual and on demand. Analytics is critical with business objectives tying back to profit, revenue, customer retention, and satisfaction. Are pharma marketers incorporating these trends and best practices set to make an impact in 2018. Continuing our efforts in bringing thought leadership in the DX space, Indegene launches “The Content Maturity Index”- Indegene’s perspective on understanding the maturity of multi channel marketing initiatives of pharma companies.

Key take aways
Pfizer, AZ , and Eli Lilly top the charts on Content Maturity Index of pharma companies.

Content On Demand

Netflix-ization of the Pharma Industry. Generating “content-on-demand” for HCPs that include content that is Contextualized & Measured

Unmet Needs

HCPs seek more value from the content Pharma share with them. The gap between the demand for the nature of information that the HCPs seek and the supply of this information by the pharma stand unmet. This gap needs to be addressed

Maturity Model

This report outlines parameters for gauging the multi-channel   maturity of pharma companies. One of the approaches to appraise the efforts of the pharma companies is a Multi-channel Maturity Model that provides a holistic perspective on the effectiveness of their initiatives.


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